Kendrick formally studied engineering at university, but his passion has always been design. Growing up his parents acquainted him with arts: poetry, painting and music. His grandparents were artisans in the leather industry.

Kendrick began honing his photography skills in Mexico. He fell in love with documenting the country’s rich in culture and colorful palette. Throughout his photographer evolution Kendrick always kept in mind an image he had before leaving France – on top of the Eiffel Tower – an image that had given him an emotion, the emotion of a woman in high heeled shoes.

Kendrick shoe designer

Article into Benude magazine.

Back in Paris, he worked as a photographer covering events and fashion shows. His vision of an empowered and confident women brought him to create his own high heel designs. Drawing on his engineer skills Kendrick developed his own shoe prototypes manually, disrupting the way of developing the product. Leveraging his photographer perspective he set out to create designs that he could use in high-fashion sets. His first design is a purified style of simple and functional beauty. The shoes are manufactured in Italy, cradle of the luxury leather and shoe world. Kendrick has designed stiletto pumps, ankle boots and boots in the same purified style and with bright colorful variants such as bright yellow on which turns heads.

Kendrick in Forbes magazine during Cannes festival 2019.